18 February 2012
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Attention Teachers: If You Don't Apply to This Workshop
Your experiment won't fly to space
by Carol Pinchefsky
Are you a high school teacher of science, technology, engineering, or math? Do you like space? Do you know that, with the advent of private space companies, NASA won’t be the only way to get there? If so, there’s a workshop just for you…and 139 others just like you.

The Teachers in Space (TiS) Workshops, run by the Space Frontier Foundation (SFF), will be holding sessions this summer for 140 teachers, thanks to an educational grant from NASA.

Keep in mind, you’re not applying for a flight to space: you’re applying for one of several workshops designed to educate the educator in a hands-on environment.

For example, in the “Suborbital Aeronautics” workshop, teachers will fly in a glider and pilot a flight simulator in a suborbital spacecraft that is currently being developed by XCOR aerospace. And in the “Suborbital Flight Experiment Workshop,” teachers will design and build experiments that may fly on an unmanned suborbital flight.

If you want to become a teacher in space, learn more about it here.
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Carol Pinchefsky 18 February 2012
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