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Published:October 2002
  • Fabian Eilingsfeld
  • Daniel Schaetzler
Origin:IAC-02-IAA.1.2.08. 53rd International Astronautical Congress, The World Space Congress, Houston, Texas, 1019 October 2002
Abstract:In recent years, several research efforts have found out that the opportunity cost of capital of a commercial space tourism venture will be relatively high (~18%). The proposed infrastructure for orbital space tourism, at least a commercial, passenger- carrying launch vehicle to begin with, will probably cost up to several billion dollars. To raise such sums as part of a private venture and still make it profitable afterwards seems to be virtually impossible. One possible route out of this dilemma is to minimize the required up-front investment by beginning with a downsized project. This would just offer suborbital flights for space tourists. In 2001, rocketfinance.com was asked to develop the respective financing model for such a venture. This paper presents the results of that research effort. It has been concluded that a commercial `X-Prize'-type vehicle could be developed and brought to operating capability for under $100 million while still returning up to 35% (IRR), given that the vehicle's time-to-market is kept to a minimum.
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