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Origin:. Boeing Defense and Space Group Huntsville, Alabama. Presented at the 1991 NSS. (c) 1991 The Boeing Company. All rights reserved.

Candidate functions of Earth orbiting facilities are reviewed. Short-term habitation in low Earth orbit (LEO) is proposed as the best means to spread the Overview Effect -- with its benefits of global perspective, environmental awareness and motivation for peace -- throughout the human species. Ventures to make the transportation and accommodation of tourists in LEO economically self-sustaining are shown to be feasible and startable, as well as amenable to economies of scale with market growth analogous to commercial air transport. Initial and subsequent markets are identified. Fundamental requirements for appropriate orbital facilities are outlined and illustrated.

  • Ad Astra
  • A Rising Sun Over Earth?
  • PLS: a mini-space-liner for people on the go
  • The Home Planet
  • Singe stage to orbit: counting down
  • The Overview Effect - Space Exploration and Human Evolution
  • Lower bounds on launch cost
  • Aerospace America
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